We love our members and are thrilled when the feeling is mutual. Hear about how a Vet Alliance membership has supported these individuals with their practices.


They pay for my membership many times over and help my hospital’s profitability. The VA is helping veterinary clinics maximize their buying power. Fantastic idea!”

Amy Schneider, DVM
Valley Veterinary Hospitals, LTD.


This is a very professionally run organization and they are striving to give back to the members the best possible opportunities for savings and continuing education

Cathy Hooper, DVM Owner,
Glendale Veterinary Hospital


When we were approached to join the Vet Alliance, at first I was a little tentative due to the concept. However after being a member for approximately 8 months, I have quickly witnessed the value of the membership. The yearly dues were more than paid off in only a few months and the rebate was timely and impressive. When you factor in the continuing education seminars that are included with the membership, it is hard to imagine why ANY veterinary hospital would not jump on board

Dr. Todd Morgan, DVM
Morgan Animal Hospital

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