Founded by a veterinarian who believed independently owned hospitals deserved more.

Understanding Vet Alliance: Find out what all the fuss is about...

We truly believe that healthy practice is about more than just the medicine. There is a real need for Canadian, veterinary-specific business and management support, as most practice owners and managers do not have the education, experience, and time to properly address all the needs of their hospital and team.

We’re on a mission to curate services that drive and empower our members to tackle difficult situations, have open conversations, challenge the status quo, and achieve continued success. Similar to how the health and care of animals drive our members, our strategic and (w)holistic approach to providing unmatched value inspires us to help veterinary teams thrive in all aspects of practice. 

If it sounds too good to be true, we encourage you to connect. 

  • We develop live and asynchronous education that addresses the needs of every role on your team. 
  • We provide practice support with leading Industry experts who care deeply and customize their approach to suit you and your practice. 
  • We negotiate rebates and rewards from top industry partners that rival what you can access on your own as an independently owned practice through the power of our network.
  • OUR goal is to give you the tools you require to achieve YOUR goals.
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Pride in Values

You can tell a lot about an organization by assessing what they value. We want to share our Core Values with you in hopes that they resonate on a personal and professional level. They are truly at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud of who they allow us to be. 


Our teammates, industry partners, contractors and clients are our colleagues. It is the combination of our efforts that produces strong results. 


  • Professionalism is important to us, and this means that we treat every colleague with courtesy, empathy and compassion at all times. 
  • Clear communication is a hallmark of our respect for each other. 
  • Our colleagues’ ideas are critical to our goal of growing and elevating the veterinary profession. 
  • We want to hear the opinions of others, and we promise to listen and not interrupt. 
  • We commit to never insult, name call or disparage people or their ideas. 
  • We treat all people equally, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, size, age or country of origin. 
  • We live by the platinum rule and treat others as they wish to be treated. 
  • We recognize the power of a team. 


Integrity means we will always choose the harder path if it is the correct one. 


  • We pledge to be honest and truthful with our colleagues. 
  • We commit to providing value to our clients and industry partners. 
  • We commit to fair compensation for our contractors. 
  • We will challenge the norm when we believe there is a better way. 
  • We pledge to be leaders in the profession and maintain the highest ethics as we do so.


We are not a company that stands still. We live for growth, change and pushing the envelope of what is possible. We instill this trait in our colleagues. 


  • We do not see barriers which prevent success. Only problems that our colleagues, and we, have yet to solve. 
  • We are fulfilled and happy when we are growing. 
  • We bravely take calculated leaps of faith. Should it happen, we never look at failure as anything but an opportunity for growth. 
  • We are resilient and curious in spirit. “Good enough” is not an option, and so we innovate.


Our purpose is to teach people how to improve themselves and their circumstances.


  • We commit to holding ourselves accountable by following through with our plans and helping others do the same. 
  • We lead with humility and collaborate with innovators to provide practical solutions. 
  • We empower our community to develop our abilities, resilience, persistence and determination. Our goal is that our colleagues will foster these traits in others as well as themselves.