Premium Continuing
Education Events

Member-exclusive savings on top-tier education.

What is Premium Education?

While Vet Alliance members and their teams have complimentary access to many live and asynchronous education offerings, they also have access to unique continuing education events at special rates - thanks to the generosity of our Education Partners.

Premium education includes in-person and virtual leadership conferences (guidED), full team one-day virtual conferences (unitED), and special programming with renowned guest experts! With every event, we strive to bring the most relevant, practical, and progressive education to our members.

We take pride in delivering progressive, Canadian-focused education to our members. All Premium offerings are paid programming, but Vet Alliance members are offered discounted rates and, when appropriate, exclusive access!


We believe in supporting the leadership development of our peers.


Designed for owners and managers, guidED is an innovative conference built on three pillars to improve foundational understanding, gain applicable knowledge and support the execution of strategic next steps.


This is a premium event, developed for professionals who want to be engaged and immersed in relevant, practical and forward-thinking content. Every detail is intentional – from experts known to be changemakers and disrupters, to curated gifts and memorable moments. guidED drives a sense of belonging amongst participants, and the emphasis on shared learning encourages practice leaders to participate together, building effective plans that they can align on, and support each other in implementing.


Strong businesses require strong leadership empowered to fulfill the operational, finance, human resource, service and marketing needs necessary to thrive. With an action-oriented approach, and a format that encourages curiosity and growth, Vet Alliance excels in elevating the leaders of independently owned practices.


Vet Alliance values learning and collaboration in veterinary medicine.


Your success is built on the success of every individual in your practice. Without their development, and ability to come together cohesively, your practice will never reach its fullest potential. Lunch-and-learns are helpful, but there are rarely opportunities to get strategically immersed in personal and professional education together - building confidence, while understanding how we impact each other, every day.


This is the reason we created unitED.


unitED is a one-day, virtual, education event designed to harness the power of teams. Every expert shares their knowledge with the intention of elevating individuals, no matter their role or tenure. Each session is designed to inspire independence, connection, collaboration and inclusivity.


We know that veterinary medicine is about more than just the medicine, and it is why unitED is so important. We unite Canadian veterinary teams across the country for a day of learning that uplifts our entire profession; developing resilient professionals while ensuring thriving teams, successful businesses, healthy patients and satisfied clients, nationally.


*This conference is open to ALL hospitals, regardless of Vet Alliance membership, or type of practice ownership. We are uniting everybody.

Don't take our word for it...

“...I feel that the content at guidED all tied into each other. Instead of having a little knowledge about a bunch of different areas like normal conferences, you got to know this content really well. They touched on multiple learning styles to really help absorb and create your own plan upon returning to our practices.”

“I would absolutely recommend guidED - a unique and wonderful experience. I am a bit of a conference junkie and I have never seen it done quite like this. It was refreshing and exciting to be a part of guidED and it has stuck with me now. I will follow you everywhere.”

“The opportunites for networking with attendees, Vet Alliance team members, Industry Reps, and speakers were amazing! Best conference design I have ever experienced.”