You’ve Got Questions... We’ve Got Answers!

We’ve addressed some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

While we’re always excited to hear from potential and existing members, we know your time is precious. See if your questions are covered here – and if not – reach out! After all, knowledge is power!

Who can become a member of Vet Alliance?

Membership is open to any independently owned, accredited veterinary hospital in Canada (with the exception of Quebec), regardless of size or type of practice (companion, mixed, large, equine, mobile... we have them all!). 

How much is membership?

Membership is $2750 for an individual practice, but this money is not paid upfront. Membership fees are deducted at the end of the year from the rebates you earn – over 98% of our hospitals owe nothing thanks to their rebates, and they get money back!

I own more than one practice. How many memberships will I need to purchase?

Multiple-practice membership is significantly discounted. If you own multiple hospitals, please contact Jen Heron, our Director of Business Development at for the relevant fee structure.

What does the membership include?

Membership includes rebates and rewards, access to live and asynchronous continuing education for you and your entire team, access to discounts on member-exclusive premium continuing education, and the support of our practice services engagement team – providing advisory services and resources to strategically address your individual practice and team challenges.

Will I have to change my ordering process?

No. You will continue to order products from the same purchasing company or distributor you currently use.

Do I have to order certain products or streamline my purchases to specific companies?

No. While it will benefit you to be aligned with our preferred industry partners to leverage the negotiated member rebates, we do not mandate or track your purchases in any way. How you choose to practice medicine is personal to you and your practice. Compliance will be driven by your belief in products and services. That said, we encourage you to meet with representatives from our partner companies to assess your options and make confident decisions for your patients and clients. Ultimately, you maintain 100% control over the purchasing decisions within your practice.

What’s in it for owners and managers?

Aside from the financial benefits, we have education specific to leaders (including a monthly leadership team series and a leadership conference), support and education resources to empower your team, and the Vet Alliance engagement team members ready to work with you on problem-solving and strategic planning. Our team has an array of expertise in everything from people management to business to communication. The best part? We are Canadian, and our content and services reflect what is relevant to Canadians.

What’s in it for my team?

Where do we start?! Almost our entire team has spent part of their careers working in practice – we all know the value that the team brings to overall success! Our continuing education is designed with the development of various roles in mind. From client-facing challenges to compliance, inventory management, workflow, workplace culture, leadership, and so much more, our education can support your team in numerous ways. There are both live and asynchronous opportunities for your team (over 100 recorded hours!), and our annual unitED conference – designed for the entire team to participate in together!

Who are your preferred partners?

Great question! While we are constantly looking for new opportunities to build valuable partnerships for our members, you will find our current list on Our Partners page.